Hello, is there anybody there? I do hope so, but if not, I am just happy to finally be writing. You see, I am a procrastinator of great propensity and have spent more time thinking about blogging than actually getting letters onto the page. I take photos, I write and I make art. I am a Jacqui of all trades, if you will, but only master of one = being me.

What’s in the name?

Jac n Stories is slight play on the title of a children’s TV programme, Jackanory. Each day for 15 minutes, an actor, comfortably seated in an armchair, would read from a book. He or she would do the voices and, if luck had it, the story would be illustrated by the wonderful Quentin Blake. I hope this blog, combining words and images, will amuse and entertain you but if not, no worries, there are plenty more blogs in the press.

Still here? Okay, here are some facts about me;

  •  I enjoy photography and capturing the tiniest of detail found in the largest of landscapes.
  • I love trees, but in a good way. Wait until you see my bark close ups!
  • I have 2 dogs called Lord Eduardo du Barkworth and Sergeant Alfie McSnuffles.
  • The above fact is not factual but I feel I need to protect their identities.
  • I used to believe I was a witch in the days long before Harry Potter realised he was a wizard.
  • I am older than I feel.

So here it is. The blog. Now what?

Better get on with it then…