What is this? Well apparently it is the term for seeing patterns in random data. On the internet there are various examples such as people seeing a likeness of a rabbit in the clouds, a profile of a man outlined in a mountain and even a child’s face in the ear of an elephant.

It can be quite magical when something in nature presents itself in an unusual way. A sample from the British horror film, Night of the Demon was used by musician Kate Bush in her Hounds on Love album. It featured a cry of “it’s in the trees, it’s coming!” In 2014 I was very lucky to see her concert, Before The Dawn, at the Hammersmith Eventim in London. Walking the dogs a few days later, a visualisation of those words seemed to appear…

It’s in the trees! It’s coming!


…and on one icy day in the hills, I felt like I was being watched. This perfectly formed layer of ice was gazing up at me. I had to make sure that the dogs didn’t come traipsing over the ice whilst I was taking this shot as the ice was paper thin. This image has been slightly enhanced but it was amazing to see this ice form.

Ice-y You!

…and sometimes it’s good to know nature is keeping watch over the land. I climbed over a high fence to see if this tree looked human, face on, but unfortunately he didn’t. In the Summer months he disappears behind his beardy foliage but returns a better view in Autumn.

The Lookout


Bowie’s Aladdin Sane iconic lightening bolt cut it’s way through the snow on an icy river…

Who’ll love Aladdin Sane?

and a serpent slithered along side us on our soggy saunter the other day…


Having been a jewellery maker in the past, I also spotted this “hand” reaching outwards in the forest floor. It appeared to be adorned by a beautiful bark bracelet and I really felt the urge to shake her hand…

the Handshake

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