When your drip is about to drop

The weather has been so changeable recently and we really seem to be getting four seasons in one day throughout February. Walking the dogs through the sun, rain, snow and wind the other day, I was thoroughly miserable. Even listening to my favourite podcast was not lifting my mood. As usual, I was looking at the trees whilst Sgt McSnuffles stood barking in stubborn stance “throw the ball, throw the ball!” Trying to ignore him, I watched as raindrops on the  branches slowly swelled to breaking point until the breeze knocked them off and their beautiful shapes were gone. I picked up the ball and threw it as far as I could and both dogs tore after it, splattering mud into the air as they went. With peace to be still, I took my headphone from my ear and removed my phone from the warm pouch in my jacket and tried to capture that moment when your drip is about to drop.

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